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Her brother, Mike, wants to find a way to get rid of Freddy for good.

Life in fandoms

Maybe it's just because City Point is a convenient one-stop shop if I need groceries or other stuff in the same building where Alamo Drafthouse is which makes the schlep to Brooklyn worth it.

Or that I'm rediscovering in my old age how seeing a movie in a theater, even when you're alone, is a totally different experience that has its own Life in fandoms over watching one at home where I'll have 20 other tabs open instead of focusing on the movie. I decided to see it on a whim because early January tends Life in fandoms be a slow period for work or even just going out since it's too damn cold to do anything.

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Not just because of the movie itself but in getting an unexpected peek at its long-surviving fandom. It's not like this was a special 10 or 15 year anniversary or anything, there's a group of devoted fans that gets this movie back in theaters time to time from what I gathered.

As for the actual movie?

Life in fandoms

It's a classic story about a fresh-faced young college grad, Andy, getting that first job which winds up being hell on earth. I just know this story is fiction because there's no way in hell that a chef in training and a junior executive assistant at a magazine can afford a 1-bedroom apartment on Orchard Street even at rents let alone 's.

Even though it's later revealed her dad is paying the rent so it's easy for Andy's boyfriend to say she should have integrity after she starts assimilating to her work environment. I won't spoil the movie if you want to see it-- it's definitely worth a view, even though me totally dismissed it as a narmy "chick flick" I wouldn't be interested in.

But if there's one spoiler I feel is worth giving, it's that the happy ending isn't as contrived as I thought it'd be. I like that it didn't pull the cliche where Andy goes back to her boyfriend after this experience has totally changed her.

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They both go to their destinies which clearly aren't together anymore. But if there's one thing about this movie that struck a chord in me, it's that Andy doesn't actually want the job at Runway even though millions of girls would kill for it: It's a career I inadvertently get pulled back into here and there since I found that doing things like ghost-blogging for tax attorneys provided a much more flexible and better-paying option to keep my bills paid while I worked on Sonic Toad's other projects and my game.

And well, there's easily millions of people out there who just see a job as a means to an end. Part of me was really glad I saw this film in my thirties with an established media career instead of that ornery-but-still-bushy-tailed thing I was at 21 when it came out.

It made me think about the life experiences I didn't have at that age like factoring a significant other into my decisions and the fact that my first job came when I was still IN school which slowed down getting my degree but also the things I got to do differently that made me glad I went off the beaten path.

But there's this scene when Andy's getting grilled by Nigel, the art director brilliantly portrayed by Stanley Tucci.

That's when Andy realizes she's living someone else's dream while this is just a means to an end for her but that she has to assimilate if she wants to survive this. THAT hit me like a ton of bricks. Not just because that was pretty much what I was doing when I was a little older except I didn't get the stability I was promised, but I remember the countless conversations I'd have with people about the things we're told we should want: And some people do want all or some of those things and there's nothing wrong with that!The Life of Fandoms.

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Drochs were parasitic insects that burrowed under beings' skin and drank their life energies and intelligence. Their feeding was the source of Death Seed plague. Though they began life as non-sentient creatures, a droch could gain true sentience after draining enough intelligence from a host.

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